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Factory cam tabs are thin and prone to bending on hard impacts. This effects alignment and in extreme cases the cams even flatten the factory tabs. These cam tab gussets reinforce a weak area on the vehicle that endures a lot of stress in offroading. We highly recommend cam tab gussets for any offroader an especially for those with long travel vehicles. Long travel setups extend the arms which creates more of a leverage to bend the cam tabs. 


  • Reinforces weak factory alignment cam tab plates that bend during bottom outs or hard front impacts.
  • CNC laser cut 1/8" 4130 chromoly replacement cam plates weld-to the frame.
  • 1/4" thick lower alignment cam tabs will not bend like factory tabs.
  • Welding and grinding are required for installation.
  • Kit includes 8 cam tab gusset plates and 16 lugs. Complete for 1 vehicle's lower control arms.
  • These are model specific. Check your year, make & model.

Tacoma/4Runner/FJ Total Chaos Lower Control Arm Cam Tab Gussets

SKU: 59860-10FJ
$132.00 Regular Price
$126.25Sale Price
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