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King coils come in different sizes and weights. Different vehicles and uses require different suspension setups so they can perform optimally. If you are unsure of what spring rate or length you need for your application please give us a call so we can assist. 


King coil springs are manufactured to our specifications in the USA using the finest quality, high tensile, chrome silicon wire available. Our springs are specifically wound for off-road applications, not repackaged car springs. Our spring rates, wire diameters and coil lengths have been developed through extensive real world testing on all types of terrain. Our race winning designs have been put to the test in the heat of battle from Baja to Dakar.

**Price is for individual spring**


Some spring swaps for customers runnning coilovers or bilstein 5100s 

4runners 550-650

Tacomas 600-650

Tundras 600-700


Spring swaps on the truck are $250


King Coil Spring

$87.50 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
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